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Wainwrightistan, Part 4 – What I’ve learned.

NOTE: I wrote this on Sept. 25. Not sure why it didn’t upload. But at any rate, like Star Wars, Part 4 is the first one out.

The Journalism in Conflict Zones course is learning experience, indeed.

From the ranks in the army to how to wrap a head scarf, I’ve been going through an intensely educational experience that has kept the brain cells alive.

I’ve found out how to edit video with Final Cut Pro and how to shoot good b-roll. Hell, I now know what b-roll is (random shots and stock footage that can be used during the time in a video clip that the reporter talks).

I could barely point out Afghanistan on a map, but now I can list you a few villages and the troubles they have. I’ve learned a lot about the military and how they interact with Afghani versus Canadian media.

I think the most important thing I’ve learned here is how to stand my ground. Against big people. With guns. And tanks.

Hey — I never said I was smart.


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