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Wainwrightistan, Part 2.

DAY THREE – SEPT. 15, 2010

Man. Man oh man. I need to learn to be less sensitive.

Harden up.

Crispy fry, not soggy. Hold up rather than fall down.

My oh my.

DAY FOUR – SEPT. 16, 2010

Things are okay-dokay. Got a chance to be recorded en français aujourd’hui. Not great, but at least I tried, eh?

My English anchor test was decent. Not fantastic, but not terrible, I suppose.

I travelled the site, saw Wainwrightistan today. Pretty crazy stuff. C-cans set up like villages, soldiers everywhere. We ended up in a “live fire” area, though there was no live fire.

It’s odd to think (as my instructor says) that some of these men and women (and sometimes, boys and girls) may not come back. One of our drivers looks like he’s 25 or 30. He’s been on a tour in Afghanistan. He’s actually about 20.

One of our drivers told me today that a good friend of his, Patrick Lormand, died in a light-armoured vehicle that hit an improvised explosive device. Our driver, apparently, would have also been in that vehicle if he hadn’t torn a ligament in his ankle.


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