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Move east, young woman.


Up until this point, our journey has been toward the south.

Now we move east and head toward time zones that will cut a few hours off our days.

We’ve said our goodbyes to the lush, coastal forests and made moves for the American desert.

* * *

When we began this tour, I had no idea what I was in for.

Seeing the United States up-close for the first time, I feel that I was brainwashed to believe that Canada was better in every respect.

But here, the diversity of cultures, landscapes and lifestyles is awesome. It’s not perfect by any means – just awesome.


One comment on “Move east, young woman.

  1. Tony Brunjes
    December 12, 2010

    Brainwashed by whom? Certainly not me. I have a great respect for the States and Americans. Their polarized politics suck, but the countryside is ever interesting. I was a passenger in 1975 and driver several times in the early eighties.

    The second time was through the steel capital district. It sucked, but the first was the Adirondacks, Georgia and Florida. Very touristy but exceptionally interesting.

    People like to judge themselves better without ever having done what you are doing. It’s like a reverse “grass is greener” effect.

    I know my sister and my father love the places they have been to and my brother has traveled there also.

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