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DEC. 14, 2010

Bandmates, old bandmates 2003 – remember our trip to New Orleans? Remember Slidell?

I do, and you must have hit your head pretty hard to have forgotten.

I am sitting here in a Slidell gas station, on my way to Nashville, Tennessee.

Remember our trip to the ice cream shop? It’s closed now. Katrina did it in, apparently.

Roofs are still missing shingles and some buildings are crumbling at the side. But rebuilding is still going on. I see a nice brick building going up to my right.

But this is nothing compared to the Ninth Ward in New Orleans.

Shotgun houses still sit there, some with giant spray-painted NinXs still pointing out how many dead were found and what animals.

It’s rebuilding, but it’s difficult, one can see. The population is still not where it was, and the people are still hurting.


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