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An update.

I won’t be spending too much more time in Buenos Aires. I’ll be out of here within a matter of weeks.

As such, I thought I would highlight some of the neat things I’ve done lately, both for work and fun.

Papelnonos. A fantastic “band” of seniors playing kazoos. They make paper maché instruments with their kazoos. They’ve made a CD, which they lip synch to at their “concerts.” There is something beautiful about what they do.

Hannah and I produced this video with an editor for the Argentina Independent, the publication for which we are both writing/videoing. I filmed while Hannah reported, hence the lovely English accent on the voiceover. A little tear came to my eye when the Papelnonos performed, a fact she was quick to point out at our news meeting.

Sunday mate, with Robin (left) and Luis.

Sunday mate. Every Sunday, until recently, I would visit Luis and Adriana, and often, my friends like Robin would join me.

Luis is my old roommate. He sells lovely earrings at the market on Defensa in San Telmo. Mate (pronounced mah-tay) is the Argentine beverage/conversation starter that helps friendships along. On Sundays, I would take my mate and a thermos of hot water to Luis, and we would sit and chat. He would make earrings; I would chat with him and his standmate, Adriana.

My roommates said choripan – chorizo on bread – is the “bandera” of Argentina.

Food. I’ve had so many dinners with my friends. Food is the glue that holds us all together. As I’m writing this, I’m eating lunch with two interns. The journalists, carpenters, artists, waiters, students and jobless. We all eat, and often eat together.

Vegetarian sushi. Bajan curry. TexMex chili. English breakfast. Easter dinner. Roast chicken. Cheesy empanadas. Fresh pasta and bolognese (made by Italians). Paraguayan parrilla. Argentine asado. Chinese-style fried rice. Bread and blue cheese. Chocolate and orange cake.

My editor got married in Buenos Aires, and we interns were invited.

Weddings. I’ve been to two. Both were a bit low-key, and I missed the vows at both.

In March, I visited Rosario to meet the couple who had the first same-sex marriage between foreigners in Argentina. I went to their reception, and interviewed people who pushed for them to be able to wed. Because the wedding was in a different city, and I did interviews the night before at midnight, I missed the 11 a.m. kick-off to their lives together, unfortunately.

In April, one of my editors got married to her Argentine sweetheart. The wedding was a simple ceremony held at the Buenos Aires courthouse, and the reception was held at a lovely establishment nearby.

Nerdy young Allendria would be impressed. I think my birthday party drew about 70 people (like the marvellous Sergio, pictured here). The majority arrived after 1 a.m.

Nightlife. It’s hard to talk about Buenos Aires without talking about the parties here. From El Boliche de Roberto to the household get-togethers, this is one aspect of the city I could not leave out of this post.

My birthday party was spectacular, the biggest one I have ever had. Dance lessons at Zona Tango are a hoot. Soria is a fail-safe locale near my friends’ houses. I always have a blast partying at the Konex, and I have gotten to know the gay bar scene here quite well. This city was made for fun.


2 comments on “An update.

  1. Tony Brunjes
    May 28, 2012

    I guess you’re going to miss it, huh? It will always be a special part of your life. A life which is leading you to all the places your personal compass is taking you.

    You may never know why you are who you are, but what a ride, eh?

    And the people you have touched along the way… We all know we are better people for it.

  2. juanchi
    October 29, 2012

    the Jolie bar is missing from your list

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