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New connections.

A couple of weeks ago, I bussed to Rosario for the 5° Foro Internacional de Periodismo Digital – the 5th International Forum on Digital Journalism.

I ran a liveblog of the conference, so I was watching the coverage as it happened.

Between the liveblog, a video stream, a constant flow of “#webperiodismo” tweets, a few Storify pieces and some Instagram shots, this was one of the most covered events I have attended.

I know people talk about it all the time, but it’s amazing how fast the way people communicate is changing. Even in the few years I’ve been working as a journalist the differences are notable.

People often say that to be a journalist is to make a job out of learning, discovering new topics and becoming an “expert” in a variety of subjects. But that job is now also focused on keeping up-to-date on the various ways to talk to your audience.


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