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Groggy restart

Hello, limited followers. It has been a long break, but after suggestions from friends I’ve decided to bring my rusty fingers back to the blog.

Much has has changed since a new post has graced your screens. Perhaps, as I really am more interested in the future, I can sprinkle tidbits in as they become relevant.

First relevant fact: since returning To Canada from Latin America, I have been working at a tech-journalism startup called ScribbleLive in Toronto. I’ve learned a lot over the past 16 months about the internet, coding and how journalism is evolving.

One way this changes how I write, is that this is the first post I’m creating via mobile.

My camera was stolen in Dubai a couple of months ago, so here is my limited cell phone capturing of today's training session by Edmonton Journal photojournalist Ryan Jackson.

My camera was stolen in Dubai a couple of months ago, so here is my cell phone capturing of today’s training session by Edmonton Journal photojournalist Ryan Jackson. A bad photo of a photojournalist … Hmm. 

And as I wrote that, WordPress got buggy on my iPad, making its mobile version impossible to use. I’m on my laptop, again.

Right now, I’m at the Canadian University Press’ national conference in Edmonton. Here, I’m training young journalists (and old, on the off-time) on how to use ScribbleLive and real-time media in general. I created a liveblog of the event, available here.

Right right now, I’m sitting in on a talk by the Edmonton Journal‘s Ryan Jackson about the photography and video tools he uses to create cutting edge content. I’m impressed. It’s humbling to see how fast he can create what he does, using various technologies blended together to create unique, interactive experiences.

I’m out for now to pay attention. Let’s hope I don’t wait almost two years for the next post after this one.


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