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Remembering Pechito

In 2012, the brilliant Natasha Ali wanted to make a video of Pechito, a friendly man who lived on the corner near her home in Buenos Aires.

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Politics and Art: The Role of the Arts in Promoting Human Rights and Exposing Injustices

A post about the panel discussion, “Politics and Art: The Role of the Arts in Promoting Human Rights and Exposing Injustices.”

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Groggy restart

Hello, limited followers. It has been a long break, but after suggestions from friends I’ve decided to bring my rusty fingers back to the blog.

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The fourth estate.

On Monday – three days after the Paraguay president, Fernando Lugo, was impeached – my partner, another family member and I took a tour of the ABC Color office with journalist Pedro Gómez Silgueira.

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Impeachment or Coup? Deciphering the Voices in the Paraguayan Media

As the continent comes to terms with Lugo’s removal, I analyse the war of words being fought in Paraguay for the Argentina Independent.

June 30, 2012 · 1 Comment

Paraguayan history, as far as I can tell.

“In order to understand the situation in Paraguay today, you have to understand its history.”

June 26, 2012 · 1 Comment

Peace and quiet.

Peace was the message from speakers at the public mass in Asunción yesterday, held in the square where thousands of people protested as Paraguay’s president was impeached Friday evening.

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