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Stalowa Wola, Poland

Before I left for Poland, I prepared documentation to get me around the country. Imagine my dismay when I arrived in Rzesów, and my cell had no service—and I had no way to access my document.

October 13, 2014 · Leave a comment

Sunndal, Norway

Beautiful, isn’t it? And it’s not too difficult to get there, either, with a little bit of research and determination.

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Monheim Am Rhein, Germany

I didn’t have to stay in Monheim Am Rhein. I wanted to, though, and so I did.

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Travelling into the unknown

Although I like all travelling in general, a friend noted that I seem to most enjoy “fringe travelling”—going to small towns that even nearby locals don’t know. I like that term.

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Meet Napoleon Buonaparte

My cat, Napoleon Buonoparte, lives in Edmonton with my partner’s family (who, in many respects, I consider part of my own family).

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Groggy restart

Hello, limited followers. It has been a long break, but after suggestions from friends I’ve decided to bring my rusty fingers back to the blog.

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An update.

I won’t be spending too much more time in Buenos Aires. I’ll be out of here within a matter of weeks. As such, I thought I would highlight some of … Continue reading

May 28, 2012 · 2 Comments