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Home stretch.

I have about six stories to write, but I can’t get them on the screen.

You see, I’m almost finished my time at Great West News.

T minus 20 hours and counting.

This is it, boys and girls.


I’ll miss Lac La Biche fish fries and shawarma. I’ll miss Athabasca’s Riverhouse Café and Meg’s turkey sandwiches on freshly baked bread. I’ll miss Westlock’s… yeah.

I won’t have a consistent audience or readers who actually care — at least for the next little while.

I will miss small town life and the friends I have collected, young and old.


No more cattle or county councils.

No more tedious playground stories.

I won’t miss the angry, small-minded people I occasionally run across.

I won’t miss trying to pull information out of politicians like a stripped screw out of a wall.

I really don’t think I’ll miss the snowy roads or the -40 winters.

That said, if anyone’s looking for a reporting job, I think there’s a spot still open here.


3 comments on “Home stretch.

  1. Tony Brunjes
    November 4, 2010

    You won’t have a chance to miss angry, small-minded people. They exist everywhere.

    As a matter of fact, everything you mention can be replaced with one thing or another :)

    • allendria
      November 4, 2010

      But the people — the beautiful people are irreplaceable!

      And you know, I love everyone, most of the time. Even angry, small-minded people. I just don’t appreciate being yelled at for silly reasons in public places. I suppose, really, that line is an ode to my slightly bitter self.

      • Tony Brunjes
        November 15, 2010

        Bitter? About what? Not having a quick answer for everything out there?

        Be grateful you have a slow, “think about it first” response. Everyday, YOU see, hear and read about the results of an instantaneous reactionary attitude.

        Beside, everyone I know wants your life ;)

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